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Medical Lab Technician Career Details

Medical Lab Technician Career Details

Medical Lab Technician Career Description Clinical laboratory plays an important role in modern medical science.  Doctors perform various tests for minor ailments so that the actual merge and its condition can be known.  In such a situation, the role of a clinical laboratory is important for correct treatment and therapy.  Trained technicians are required to work in such laboratories.  These trained technicians are called (M.L.T.) in the field of medicine.  The Medical Lab Technician (M.L.T) analyzes the blood, blood types, cells, and other conditions in the body. 

Medical Lab Technician Scope

   Medical lab technicians work on the instruction of doctors.  He is responsible for the maintenance of equipment and many other types of work.  Lab technician is the solution used to test and analyze samples in the lab.  They have complete knowledge about medical safety as well as laboratory safety regulations and requirements. the test of samples but they can only analyze the results by a pathologist or lab technologist.  During the examination, the medical lab technician preserves some samples for further examination or as required.  Medical lab technician work is very responsible and challenging.  It requires a lot of patience and dexterity.  He is also responsible for the security and confidentiality of the data submitted.

Eligibility Criteria for Medical Lab Technology

   The Certificate in Medical Lab Technology (C.M.L.T.) is a six-month course for which the qualification is 10th pass.  To pass the 12th, only one Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (D.M.L.T.) is required.  The duration of this course is two years.  Passing with PCB or PCM as the 12th major subject is compulsory.  In BSc Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT), passing with 12th science subjects is compulsory.  BSc in Msc.  The duration is three years.  MSc.  To enter the

program in a medical lab technologist, a candidate must first have a high school diploma, followed by a 2-year associate program.  The program is run by a community college, technical school, vocational school, or university.  Whether or not there can be an entrance examination for admission to any of these courses depends on the institution.  In a well-known college, there is an entrance examination, the rest is usually selected on the basis of merit without entrance examination.

Job Opportunity

    lab technicians require training as per the skills and requirements of the job.  Students can receive this type of training simultaneously during laboratory work.  In most provinces, no certification is required for a medical lab, but some states require these medical lab technicians for a certificate to work.  There are better prospects in this field for certification.  You can work with any medical lab, hospital, pathologist.  It is in great demand for blood banks.  As a researcher and consultant, you can also open your own clinic.

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 MLT salaries usually start from 8000 rupees while pathologists get salaries ranging from thirty to forty thousand rupees.  Also, their salary increases based on qualifications and experience.  It is in great demand in the country as well as abroad.

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  • Blood Banking
  • Clinical Chemistry (Chemical analysis of body fluids)
  • Hematology (blood-related)
  • Immunology (the study of the immune system)
  • Microbiology (the study of bacteria and other disease Organisms)
  • Cytotechnology (the study of human tissue)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Urine analysis
  • Coagulation
  • Parasitology
  • BLOOD Sample Matching
  • Drug Efficacy Tests
  • Serology
Laboratory Technician Job Duties:
  • Maintains quality outcomes through operational and regulatory standards, ensures machinery performance through standard equipment repairs and advanced problem shooting; measuring machines using approved inspection procedures; monitors quality control mechanisms and policies.
  • It acts as a source of technology by participating in staff training; answering questions from other experts; participating in educational opportunities; reading textbooks;
  • maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  • Identify and refer to the patient’s unusual circumstances by raising awareness of the staff, psychiatrist, patient, or nurse; Reporting authorized information to the public health department or other designated officials.
  • (toxicology) identifies the presence or quantity of toxic drugs, therapeutic drugs, and toxic substances through the use of toxicology machines and has developed handmade methods for making drug screens, alcohol levels, and carbon monoxide levels.
  • (chemistry) provides the results of patient diagnostic tests and treatments using chemical equipment; make hand chemicals.
  • (hematology) provides the results of patient diagnostic and therapeutic tests using hematology, urinalysis, and stabilization equipment; we work with our hands in a variety of ways.
  • (microbiology) provides the physician with information on the treatment of infectious diseases by performing diagnostic or diagnostic procedures for germs, insects, fungi, and mycobacteria.
  • (blood bank) assures the patient to obtain compatible blood/blood components by completing blood type, antibody tests, compliance tests, and antibody diagnostic procedures.
  • (blood bank) ensures future retrieval of patient transplant information by preparing patient packets and keeping blood bank records.
  • Contributes to a safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, doctors, and colleagues in accordance with established standards and procedures; compliance with legal requirements.
  • Maintains patient confidence by keeping the details of the lab confidential.
  • It operates and protects the hospital community in accordance with professional standards, hospital policies, procedures, country and local needs, and jcaho standards.
  • Enhances laboratory services and hospital reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishment.

Improves laboratory services and the reputation of the hospital by accepting ownership to implement new and varied applications; finding opportunities to add value to accomplishments.
Technical Skills Healthcare Technology

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